What People are Saying

“Rosa Maria is an excellent communicator and motivator, well-spoken, organized, and interesting. Her use of small group participation is an excellent vehicle for getting acquainted.”

S.B., Long Valley, NJ

“This was so enlightening. I now am able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses more clearly. I am also able to understand and work more productively with others in my business environment.”

M.M., Elkton, MD

“Now I understand my husband.”

D.H., Lincoln University, PA

“We were excited to learn so much about ourselves and each other. I’m sure we will now be able to improve our team work and interactions with each other. We will also be able to better understand our patients, and hopefully, be able to motivate them.”

P.A., Wilmington, DE

“The presentation of your seminar was just great! It was a day well spent for all of us. We had a great time acknowledging our weaknesses.”

E.S., Newark, DE

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